120 cubic meters nitrogen machine

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Product introduction:

The air is compressed by a compressor and then dried in a freeze dryer to meet the dew point requirement of the raw air in the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production system. The oil and water in the raw air are removed by filters and then entered into the air buffer tank to reduce pressure fluctuation. It is sent to the nitrogen machine (with carbon molecular sieve inside), where air is separated to produce nitrogen. Raw material air enters one of the adsorbers to produce nitrogen, while the other one is regenerated by decompression desorption. Two adsorbers work alternately, continuously supplying raw air and continuously producing nitrogen. Nitrogen is sent to the nitrogen buffer tank, and the pressure is adjusted to the rated pressure by the pressure regulating valve. Then it is measured by flowmeter and analyzed by nitrogen analyzer. The qualified nitrogen is reserved and the unqualified nitrogen is emptied.

Product advantages:

1. Considering the technical level and economy of nitrogen production, this scheme uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to produce nitrogen, and uses high performance carbon molecular sieve from Takeda, Japan, to separate nitrogen with purity (>99.999%) from compressed air. The equipment is simple in composition, occupies less space, is easy to operate and maintain, and has a low failure rate. And the energy consumption is low, and the operation cost of the equipment is low.

2. In order to ensure the long term, stable and normal operation of the PSA nitrogen making machine, the compressed air must be cleaned up before entering the nitrogen making machine, such as dust, water and oil removal, in order to meet the requirements of the nitrogen making machine for compressed air quality. Therefore, in the selection of cold driers and filters, we choose well known domestic brands to ensure the stable and long term operation of the whole system.

3. In order to ensure the long term and reliable operation of the whole nitrogen system, the main components of PSA nitrogen machine, such as molecular sieves, valves and controllers, are imported from the original well known brand products. To ensure the quality and safety of equipment, long term and reliable operation of the whole system.

4. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is characterized by a certain relationship between nitrogen flow rate and purity. The higher the flow rate used, the lower the purity of nitrogen; the lower the flow rate used, the higher the purity of nitrogen. Users can adjust the flow and purity appropriately according to the usage.

5. The operation of the equipment is controlled by PLC. The equipment runs automatically and produces qualified nitrogen gas. The equipment is easy to operate and can be unattended.


Seven characteristics:

1. Simple operation 2. Easy to use 3. Economical and applicable 4. Low energy consumption 5. High efficiency 6. Safety and stability 7. Wide application


1. Normal supply of power supply, gas source and temperature conditions required by the machine and normal opening and closing; especially the stability of power supply voltage, nitrogen machine, reduce the damage to the controller and solenoid valve caused by power supply problems.

2. Always pay attention to the pressure of the air storage tank. Keep the pressure of the air storage tank between 0.7 MPA and 0.75 MPA. Do not lower than the rated value.

3. Check the automatic drain every day to avoid blocking and losing drainage function. If blocked, slightly open the manual valve, close the self draining valve and remove the automatic drain, decomposition and cleaning. When cleaning the automatic drain, soap foam can be used to clean it. Strictly prohibit the use of gasoline, toluene, pine perfume and other corrosive solutions.

4. Operators should regularly inspect the three pressure gauges on the machine, make a daily record of their pressure changes for equipment failure analysis, and observe the flow meter and nitrogen purity at any time, so as to maintain the nitrogen purity of the exhaust gas.

5. Operate and maintain the instrument according to the requirements of the code of use. Check the sensitivity of solenoid valve/pneumatic valve, the pressure range of pressure regulating valve, the precision of gas analyzer, the pressure of adsorption culture, the exhaust condition of muffler, the cleanliness of inner tube of flowmeter, etc. from time to time.


Widely used in non ferrous metal heat treatment, chemical industry, rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, electronic industry, glass industry, coal industry, aerospace technology support, petroleum industry, plastics industry, textile industry and other industries and fields.

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