Oxygen Absorption Method of Oxygen Making Machine


Oxygen generator is a kind of machine which produces oxygen. Its principle is to use air separation technology. Firstly, the air is compressed with high density, then the different condensation points of each component in the air are used to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then further distillation is carried out.


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Oxygen absorption method of oxygen generator:

Conversion Method of Oxygen Concentration in Oxygen Making Machine and Oxygen Making Machine Flow

Calculating formula: arrival alveolar oxygen concentration%=21+4 x oxygen generator flow (L/min)

Nursing points out that the oxygen content in the air is 21%. The oxygen concentration below 25% is similar to the oxygen content in the air. If the oxygen concentration is higher than 70%, the oxygen poisoning will occur if the duration exceeds 12 days. Therefore, patients with cardiopulmonary disease need to use a 3 liter or more flow oxygen generator.

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