Technical Characteristics of Oxygen Making Machine


Today Xiaobian will share with you the technical characteristics of oxygen generator.


Its characteristic is that oxygen inhalation directly increases the oxygen content of arterial blood, rather than acting on some part of the body indirectly to improve hypoxia, but only in increasing the oxygen that the body has been continuously ingesting since its lifetime. There are no unfamiliar, adaptable and analytic substances for the organism, so it is only to improve rather than change the natural physiological state and biochemical environment of the organism. Low-flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care need no special guidance effect, which is fast, beneficial and harmless. Oxygen therapy has the effect of alleviating the symptoms of hypoxia in time, but only partial and gradual role in eliminating the causes of hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is the main means to correct physiological and environmental hypoxia and prevent diseases caused by environmental hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is an important supplementary means to correct pathological hypoxia.

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