Safe operation process of nitrogen machine


Nitrogen making machine is a nitrogen generating equipment designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology. Using air as raw material, high quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, pressure swing adsorption principle and microporous molecular sieves are used to selectively adsorb air in order to achieve the purpose of oxygen nitrogen separation. In the process of research and development of nitrogen machine, Shanghai Lingquan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. adopts advanced die technology, and its performance is very stable.


Wuxi Zhongheng Gas Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of gas separation equipment. It has advanced technical advantages in the nitrogen machine industry. Because of its focus, it is professional. With advanced science and technology, high quality and efficient service, it enjoys a good reputation in the industry and high tech entities in many fields.

Safety operation process of nitrogen machine:

When the pressure of compressed air source is above 0.7 MPa, open the shutoff valve of the total inlet of the nitrogen machine, adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve at the working air source of the pneumatic valve to 0.4~0.5 Mpa; before the maintenance work starts, close the nitrogen machine, the nitrogen outlet valve and sampling valve, and close the power switch of the nitrogen machine. Attention should be paid to the normal operation of the pressure and pneumatic valve of the two adsorption tanks. The system and pipeline must completely relieve pressure; the exhaust gas from the system is concentrated oxygen, pay attention to fire safety and smooth indoor air circulation; regulate the oxygen analyzer sampling decompression valve to adjust the pressure to 1.0 bar, regulate the sampling flowmeter, adjust the air volume to about 1, pay attention to the sampling gas volume should not be too large. Start testing for nitrogen purity. The air compressor discharges the sewage valve regularly in operation. Clockwise turn on the power switch of the nitrogen machine on the electric control cabinet of the main PLC station.

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